Friday, March 9, 2018

Bracketology 3/10/2018

With Xavier losing to Providence and Duke losing to UNC, there may be some speculation whether UNC can take that last 1 seed from Xavier if it were to beat Virginia today. That would give UNC 16 quadrant 1 victories, and despite their 9 losses, they would have a very good argument for a potential 1 seed. I believe Kansas is a lock now for a 1 seed, most likely the 3rd one seed matched up on Villanova's side of the bracket.

Auburn losing dropped them down, possibly to a 4 seed. Tennessee and Cincinnati both are fighting for the last 2 seed it appears, but if both fail to win their conference tournaments, it may leave the door open for Michigan to jump to the 2 line. West Virginia may even have a chance at snagging the last 2 seed if they defeat Kansas for the Big 12 Tournament Championship. 

With Nevada getting destroyed by San Diego State today, a bubble was popped. Last 4 in our fluid right now and the case could be made for several teams on the outside looking in. This is the strongest bubble we have had in quite some time, and several teams that would make it in a typical year will be left out this year.

Here is my updated seed list:

1's: Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Xavier
2's: North Carolina, Duke, Purdue, Tennessee
3's: Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia
4's: Auburn, Wichita State, Texas Tech, Arizona
5's: Kentucky, Gonzaga, Clemson, Florida
6's: Arkansas, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Miami

7's: TCU, Houston, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech
8's: Florida State, Nevada, Rhode Island, Butler
9's: Providence, Kansas State, Alabama, Missouri
Creighton, NC State, Saint Bonaventure, Texas
11's: Oklahoma, USC*, Saint Mary's*, Oklahoma State*, UCLA*, Loyola-Chicago
12's: New Mexico State, Louisiana, Murray State, Western Kentucky
13's: San Diego State, Buffalo, Vermont, South Dakota State
14's: UNC Greensboro, Charleston, Bucknell, Wright State
15's: Montana, Radford, UC Irvine, Lipscomb
16's: Pennsylvania, SFA, Iona*, LIU Brooklyn, Hampton*, Texas Southern*
denotes play-in game

Last 4 Byes: NC State, Saint Bonaventure, Texas, Oklahoma
Last 4 in (in order): USC, Saint Mary's, Oklahoma State, UCLA (last team in)
First 7 out (in order): Arizona State (first team out), Louisville, Middle Tennessee, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Baylor, Marquette

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